How To Feature Nylon Mesh Tubing – With Adela Kodonova

Before John Bead’s social media program began we had a series of stunning jewelry and jeweled pieces created by one designer for the showroom.  These pieces were designed Adela Kodonova and you can read more about her here.

This necklace is one of many samples you can see if you visit the showroom.  It is a brilliantly executed design using an unusual fiber.

This is our nylon mesh tubing collection.  The mesh is available in three sizes/widths: 4mm, 9-10mm and 16 mm in this wonderful color palette that includes metallic silver and gold.

You can see in this close up how Adela added beads to the inside of the mesh and then added beads to create sections.  The beads are fluid and the piece has a unique 3d shape that would be difficult to create with other materials.

Here is the mesh with pearls and beads.  Isn’t this a gorgeous brooch?

Using bigger beads in thinner mesh creates something spectacular like this necklace.

This knotted pendant is the first example I saw featuring mesh.  Try some!

Nylon Mesh

Last year, and it is so funny to be able to say last year already, I showed you some examples of what you can do with nylon mesh.

The mesh is an inexpensive stringing material.  You can add beads into the tube or you can sew them to the outside of the tube.

It can be used in many different ways.

As you can see from this picture…if you fill the tube with Swarovski crystals…you can expect to pay a great deal for a nylon mesh necklace.