Show Room Bracelet from Adela Kodonova

Before John Bead’s social media program began we had a series of stunning jewelry and jeweled pieces created by one designer for the showroom.  These pieces were designed Adela Kodonova and you can read more about her here.

What Adela had to say about the GREEN CURLY BRACELET which is one of her favorites:

“When you are in rush in the morning, just put this masterpiece on quickly. No clasp – no problems, LOVE elastic bracelets!

I used hundreds of Preciosa machine cut beads combined with many meters of Soft-Flex wire to make my bracelet. This bracelet was also featured in a special exhibition at the Canadian Embassy in Prague.”

How Adela managed to weave her way through this bracelet is a wonderful testament to designer ingenuity!

We have a wonderful Soft Flex collection of wire to choose from.

To inspire you even more, here is a set of earrings featuring Adela’s special wire and crystal combination technique.

Fimo Treasure Mix

Did you know there were fimo beads in the catalogue?

I do love a grab bag!  You just never know what gem you will find and these fimo treasure bags are fantastic!  They are 80% off!

These fimo disks are in the sale too.  I can’t believe how complex they are.

It wasn’t that difficult to pull together a grouping I liked.

A few pink beads and a clasp and I am ready to pair it with a white summer t-shirt.

Soft Flex Wire Bracelet

This bracelet is a pretty big deal for me.  I have told more than a few people that I am “crimping challenged.” Every time I need to crimp something crucial I make a mistake and either miss the crimp or break it.  I know this is probably due to the fact that crimping is a technique…and techniques are only mastered when you do them over and over. So a project that is mainly crimping should have sent me running.

However, this summer two pictures came to my attention.  The “Ringed in Color” sample in the July issue of Bead Style magazine and the “Elusive Butterfly” project in the new book “Show your Colors.”   I thought these ideas were wonderful.  All you need are wire, crimps and a clasp of some sort.

I didn’t think I would be able to make this sample.  However, Soft Flex wire is truly a dream to work with and the crimping gods finally showed me how to crimp properly. The circles came together quickly and the instructions in both the book and magazine were excellent.

The “Show Your Colors” book is in stock at John Bead.

I still can’t believe I finished it!  I only made one crimping error….but you can’t tell!

I used a connector bar with three holes for my project.  That left one empty hole for my butterfly charms.  The magnet makes putting this fragile bracelet on easier.

The wire colours I used came from two different sets of Soft Flex Trios.   Peridot Emerald Chrysoprase .019 10 feet per spool.

Spinel Pink Amethyst .019 NYLON

You still have time to take advantage of this month’s special on Soft Flex products!