Celebrating 4th July in Style

The ultimate American holiday is just around the corner, and we’ve decided to celebrate it with our neighbors from the south of the border playing with the hottest trend in the jewelry making world – yes, it’s a Kumihimo extravaganza (“…here, there, everywhere…”).

Mix organic and industrial elements to turn this festive date into an unforgettable and vibrant event with lots of personal style.

If you are looking for something that won’t take much time but that still screams fun and stylish, make yourself a quick stretch bracelet combining natural red silk agate glass drops and  red azuro peacock daggers both from our wide selection of Czech glass beads.

Alternate both style of glass drops stringing them in groups of three at a time.

Secure the bracelet tying a single overhand knot followed by a double knot topped by a dab of stringing glue and let it sit before your trim any excess of cord.  As a final touch, make simple wrapped dangles using crystal pearls from our latest SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS collection – add 2 lapis and 2 dark lapis crystal pearls attached to bracelet symmetrically through jump ring.

Make all your friends scream of jealousy making two bracelets and wear them together. More is more and it will tell.

( stretch bracelet)

skill level: beginner


Heading to a day by the shore or by a lake with a group of socialites?

Show up wearing a casual chic necklace made with few elements. After an hour of braiding 1.5mm white and navy blue rattail cords by our Dazzle It selection, keep your Kumihimo section as the focal point of your design. Shape the middle section of the cord onto a life-saver (well, use your imagination!)and place both sides together wrapping 14 gauge red colored copper wire around it – use nylon jaw pliers to make it tight without scratching its surface.  Add a dramatic crystal red magma navette pendant using 4 of our XL round jump rings, perfect accent for such minimalist look. For an  extra length add a 3-inch double chain section to the back and finish with a delicate toggle clasp. This necklace will give you lots of options for outfits, you can go shorts and tee, cotton pants and tunic or just simply a traditional airy white linen dress – all of that will be a nice canvas for your subtle but chic Kumihimo minimalist 4 July piece – if somebody ask you where are the stars juts tell them:

“ This necklace is all about the colors of the American flag and the only star here is me, honey! “

(nautical necklace)

skill level (intermediate)


The next design, still highlights a substantial Kumihimo style necklace, created mixing two different sizes of rattail cords from our fabulous selection of colors by Dazzle It – 1.5mm white and 3mm vibrant red.

Blue accents dominate a sensuous dangle section created combining natural agate slabs and German silver star blanks by our Metal Complex line bedazzled by denim blue flat back stones by SE ( sizes ss12 and ss 16) randomly glued on top of it.

Another color of Czech peacock dagger drops – red Azuro – shares the spotlight with a new shape from our vast selection of Czech peacock glass beads – short strung sections of hexagon black Azuro spaced by crystal metallic blue bicone beads.

The third design element of the middle section of necklace was added last – a stretch cord strung only with red Azuro peacock daggers wrapped around braided section, adding texture, dimension and a little bit of  “granny” glamour.

( funky necklace)

skill level: intermediate


A pair of crystallized shoulder dusters earrings will be the final pass for a trendy and current vibe to your ensemble. 

(long earrings)

Make with love and wear with pride.

Happy Fourth!!!

All designs by Fernando Dasilva for John Bead.

Copyright 2012

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