Colour Matching With Kumihimo & How to finish off the ends!

When I began teaching myself kumihimo I didn’t realize that I would start pulling out all my old jewelery to see if I could give it a makeover.  This brown and red rose never seemed to work with anything.

I decided to try and colour match the tones in the stone and rose and selected two rattail and one hemp cord from the Dazzle-It collection to work with.  By using two strands of hemp, my finished cord is a lot thinner.

I should really call this kumihimo cord the super bowl necklace….I made this extra long piece on Sunday.

I made such a long strand that I knew I could make a bracelet too!  All you have to do is tie off a section and then cut it.

I added some links to my JBB pewter end caps by twisting a little wire. I created a loop and wire wrapped the bottom of the loop.

Then I glued my kumihimo cord ends in place with Hypo Cement. Hypo cement adheres to metal and fabrics , it will dry in a few hours and cures in about 24 hours.

Isn’t it amazing how this little bit of red hemp added so much to the cords final colouring?

I’m really happy with this necklace now!  I have one more round disk sample to complete and then I will be starting to test out the square/flat braid disk!

2 thoughts on “Colour Matching With Kumihimo & How to finish off the ends!”

  1. Please could you help me i can not wear metal on my skin .
    I would love to know how to use a button and loop fastening,so that i can make a kimihimo bracelett that i can wear.Hope you can help

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