Dazzle-It Multi-Shape Mandrel Necklace

This necklace took less than 45 minutes to craft!  In fact, writing and photographing this blog post took longer!  I hope you like this idea.

It began when I opened my Dazzle-It Mandrel package The Dazzle-It line is very inexpensive. It allows a beginner like myself to experiment with wire working without making a large investment into a new hobby.  I think it is an ideal starting point for anyone wanting to learn how to make jewelery.

This is the Dazzle-It Multi-Shape Mandrel  (Oval Square Circle Triangle linked here.) If you really enjoy wire work you can start with these plastic mandrels and later on consider purchasing something more professional.

I have been showcasing the Dazzle-It aluminum wire too.  The many colours in this product grouping are available in 12 and 18 ga.  I am using the 12 ga gold for this project.

Since the mandrel is a new tool for me I began by wrapping several rows using each shape.

I flattened these rows into these unique shapes.

12 ga craft wire can chip if it is over-handled.  The edges I made with my wire cutter were not very pretty.

That made me think of ways to hide these edges.  I used 18Ga black wire to create this new look.

You can imagine the possibilities!  Different wire colours and different sizes on the mandrel gives me thousands of options to create a unique necklace.

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