Dazzle-it Wire Napkin Rings

Dazzle-it aluminum wire is ideal for projects that do not have instructions.  The wire is soft enough to twist and as you can see from my finished napkin holder it comes in some wonderful colours too!

This project began with me wrapping 12 gauge wire around a bottle.  This was the size napkin holder I wanted.  Today I am showing you my green napkin ring though!

Dazzle-it has some wonderful tools in the catalogue!  These new Dazzle-It Ergo Minis 5in Side Cutters cut my wire with ease.

Then I used the Dazzle-It Ergo Minis 5in Chain Nose pliers to give my ends a little twist.

Then the fun began.  I looked through my box of leftover crystals and gathered a handful.  For this green napkin holder I used the matching green 18 gauge wire to wrap and twist my circular shape.  I had no pattern.  I just spaced out beads as needed.

I think these look great…now I need five more!

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