Dazzle-It Wire Twisting

Where would I find wire in this colour combination twisted to perfection?

I can make it myself! Who knew there was a simple and inexpensive tool that did this?  I have heard over the years that people use a drill to do the twisting…but I work late at night and I suspect the sound of a drill at 1am might disrupt my hubby’s sleep….

This is the new tool.  All you do is attach the clear plexi circle and you are in the wire twisting business.

This wire twister allows you to twist up to five wires at once.  I choose to twist three.

I attached the end of my wire to my own special tool!  Okay, the chair knob held all the wire in place while I twisted.  The wire twist can be loose or tight.  It is up to you!

I wrapped some of my twisted wire around my new mandrels.  I love how they easily retain new shapes.

The aluminum wire is from the new Dazzle-It collection too.   I hope you get to see this product grouping soon!

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