Embossing Powders on Metal Complex

The technique “Embossing Powder on Metal” is one I am borrowing from rubber stampers.  I have taught many classes featuring embossing powder and have learned a few things along the way.

Rubber stampers will recognize everything on my work table.  You need a specialty ink pad, embossing powders, rubber stamps and a heat gun in order to emboss on any surface.

When you emboss on any type of a shiny surface (like acetate, vellum, glass) you need to be extra careful.  Embossing powder will cling to anything including your unseen fingerprints.  Metal needs to be super clean or the powder will cling to the whole surface….which might be the technique you like, but if you want some detail be sure to clean your metal surface with a solvent like Safety Solvent.

Here is my piece of Metal Complex copper 24 ga square on the clear rubber stamp.  You can’t see the ink I am using because it is clear.

Then I cover my stamped metal with embossing powder.  I shake off any excess powder by carefully tapping the metal.

Then I use a paint brush to brush away any extra “UFO’s”  These tiny dots of embossing powder need to be removed before heat setting.  When the sample looks good.  I apply the heat gun and heat and set the embossing powders.

Here is a finished sample.

If you wish to go down another road, rubber stampers are also very familiar with a product line known as Alcohol Inks.

As you can see from the sample I dropped alcohol inks on the surface and recolored my metal.

I protected all my embossed projects with two layers of glossy permanent varnish.  These are just two extra ways you can work on metal blanks.

2 thoughts on “Embossing Powders on Metal Complex”

  1. What cool techniques, Carmi.

    I have a bunch of copper buckle plates I just had to have when I saw them in the notions department about 6 years ago.

    I can’t wait to try these techniques. I have visions of pendants dancing through my head. Thank you.

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