Etching on Metal – Distressing

This new pendant features two Metal Complex blanks that have been etched overnight.

These pieces look very old and distressed.

On Monday I showed you how I stamped an image with black solvent ink onto metal.  The word “Vintage” was a rubber stamp in this collection.

I choose to leave these blanks in Etchant for over 12 hours….a risky plan because etchant can etch away the entire piece leaving you with just crumbs.  These two blanks turned out exactly as I had hoped.

Since I wanted them to be together I thought adding a little height between them would help to show that there were in fact two pieces and not one.

I made a little ball of black Apoxie Sculpt and placed it between the two blanks.

The end result is something that looks truly old, distressed and “vintage.”

Products Used

Metal Complex Brass Oval Blank

Metal Complex Copper Square Blank

Black Apoxie Sculpt

Finishing components are from Carmi’s collection.

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