Fancy Chain Jewelry Inspiration From Fernando

It goes without saying that Fernando DaSilva is always the first person to test and experiment with new products arriving into the John Bead warehouse. As our Product Development & Creative Manager, Fernando is who I turn to for inspiration and how-to ideas.

These Fancy Chain pieces make it clear that our new line of Dazzle-it chain can be used to create the most wonderful jewelry!  You are getting a sneak peak at jewelry that will either appear in our catalog on in the John Bead showroom.

If you missed our announcement yesterday, this is the new collection of Dazzle-it Fancy Chain.

Fernando cut various lengths of Fancy Chain to create these earring sets.  In the necklace and bracelet above you can see how spectacular this chain looks when placed in a tier or side by side.

The cascading chain looks so rich!

Fernando also used our kidney ear wires with rhinestones for his earring samples.  I see that he even added extra seed beads….a tip I will remember!

I’ll tell you more about the tassels next week!

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