Fingernail Earring Post Tutorial

These earrings feature the new fingernail earring posts now available at John Bead.

My earring were created with two finished beaded sections, our soft leather and a pair of fingernail earring flat posts.

I cut two pieces of soft leather to line the back of my finished pieces.  I made a mark where I would like the post to get placed.

I cut a small slit in the leather.

This allowed me to carefully push/pull my fingernail earring post through the opening. The rough side of the leather will not be seen so this is the side that the flat back needs to be placed.

On the “good” side of the leather, the post is now visible.

You just need to make sure the post section is punched through the leather.  (I made a hole with a paper piercer to make sure my hole was exactly where I wanted it to be.)

At this point you could glue to flat back side to the leather.

When I was sure my liners were set up perfectly I then glued the original beaded section to its new backing.

I beaded all the edging.

These unique flat back components allow you to create professionally finished earrings for leather and beaded projects. They provide extra security for finished designs and are ideal for performing arts jewelry where you need to be sure that your earrings are securely in place.

Fingernail earring posts are available in retail ready and 25 pair packs.

Soft leather is available is many wonderful colors.


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