Fish Leather, Buttons and Metal Cuff

This is one of the cuffs I brought as a sample to my special cuff making class at CHA.

The buttons are the featured embellishments.  I selected them from these special button jars from John Bead.

The metal cuffs are available in three sizes.  For this bracelet I used the 1.5 inch wide cuff.  I glued some rhinestone chain to the cuff and it allowed me to attach ribbon to the edges.

The fuchsia fish leather is what makes this bracelet look so rich.

I used only one glue to attach everything!

Quick Grip works beautifully with the leather!

2 thoughts on “Fish Leather, Buttons and Metal Cuff”

  1. I am looking for shell buttons, please email me the price list of the buttons. I have an old catalogue with pictures. Perhaps an updated picture would also be helpful.

    Thank you
    Dave McKeown

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