Flat Kumihimo With Cotton Wax Cord

This bracelet makes me wish I was on a tropical island.

I have been experimenting with the many different type of cords John Bead has .  These are the colours I chose from the Cotton Wax Cord collection.

Wax cord is available in many colours and you can buy it flat or round.  My set is the round cord 1mm.

I am using the classic set up for a flat braid using the instructions you receive in the Kumihimo square disk/plate kit.

The only thing I did different was that I attached my end to this vintage bead.  It gave me a finished end with no additional work after I finished the braid.

This braid was a pleasure to make!

Cotton Wax Cord is very different from rattail.  I did not try to make my knots super tight.  I wanted this bracelet to be lighter.  I am wearing it right now and it is practically weightless.

The next time I make a flat braid I am going to work with both rattail and cotton wax cord in the same project!

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