Gilders Paste and Plastic Resin Beads

Heart and beads in a colour palette I love.

I would have snapped up this grouping of beads at a gem show.

It might be hard for you to believe that the necklace you see above started out as these irregular chunky resin beads.  I probably would have avoided this grab bag because colouring plastic beads is not easy.

That was before I had Gilders Paste to work with.  This paste will work on plastic, metal, gourds, paper, leather and the list of what it will colour goes on and on.

Using a stencil brush (you can use a tooth brush, cloth, your fingers) I applied the Patina colour to the beads I wanted to re colour.

The coverage was amazing.  The colour is rich and I was amazed to get this much colour with just one application.  I worked with three colours to start:  Patina, Inca Gold and Pinotage (red.)

My beads were looking pretty fantastic.  I knew I would need to let them dry for 12 hours.  I felt I needed to just add one more colour so I applied a little Violet Gilders Paste.

I set my beads up to see how they would look strung.  Then I realized I might need some spacer beads.  This gave me a chance to test Gilders Paste on wood!  I gathered six natural wood coloured cube beads.  Like the resin beads, I applied the paste and let these dry 12 hours too.

My last task was to apply a protective coat of acrylic spray.   What can I say?  The opportunities to make something your own are endless!

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