Global Chic Earrings


This is the first piece of finished jewelry we are showcasing from the Global Chic catalog. It was designed by Fernando DaSilva and features our new reconstructed stone teardrop beads.

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This dream catcher was used to create the drop.



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4 Responses to Global Chic Earrings

  1. alexjames says:

    So beauty the earrings. I like it.

  2. Annie Marks says:

    That is awesome that there are so many different options of beads that you can choose from. I like that you can get creative in the way that you use your beads by doing different projects and arrangements. That is really cool that such different jewelry can be created by using the same beads! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Nick says:

    Nice stuff .. do you also have Resin Jewellery?

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