Goat Suede – Introduction

What is goat suede  ? It refers to the type of animal skin used, which is goat. Genuine Goat Suede is of the highest quality suede. It’s incredibly supple and soft with a luxurious ease to it. Suede refers to a specific treatment used to achieve a soft nap on the leather. Whereas full-grain leather is made from the outer side of the animal skin , suede leather uses the inner side. The inner side is more supple to but is further softened and made flexibly by buffing its surface to create the slightly fuzzy texture of suede. Some skins may also be split, the inner side of the leather from the outer side, leaving very flexible and soft suede.

Goat Suede can be found used in jackets, garments, shoes, gloves, bags and accessories. With a huge trend in natural , exotic looking jewelry , suede is also being incorporated into jewlery designs.


John Bead carries Goat Suede Cord available in two widths – 3.5mm & 5mm. It is a flat cord ideal for creating belt accessories , bracelets, necklaces, earrings , keychain accessories , headbands and more !

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TIP ** Because suede is a porous fiber it requires a specific type of care. Here are some tips- Do not wash or put into water. To rub of stains use an art gum erase. To remove oily stains use cornstarch.

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