How can Kumihimo Inspire you ?

I always love browsing the internet for new ideas and inspirations. Since John Bead carries over 65,000 products , I know I’ll always find something that I could easy re-create or draw inspiration from. So here I went and explored the fun world of Kumihimo Braiding, check out some of the fun ideas I found.

White and yellow rattail with a SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Baroque Pendant in Golden Shadow.

I liked this idea of mixing chain into the design. You just have to be a little more gentle when working with the chain so that you don’t damage the slots on the foam disk.

Even though you can’t see the exact shape of the braid , I love Eyelash ribbon and it’s a fun way to use it to create a round braid.

Mens Black  Leather Kumihimo Bracelet w/Sterling Silver Bead - B45

I love how simple this bracelet it. Here the designer (Designs by Malone) used black leather and a simple large hole bead.

Here are some examples of large hole beads that work  well with kumihimo designs (Some are more ideal for thinner braids , so check the size of the inner holes and match it to your design. )

JBB Pewter Beads

Metalized Large Hole Beads


Metal Large Hole Beads


Stay tunned for more ideas and Kumihimo Techniques and check out the Dazzle-it Facebook page for a chance to win your own Kumihimo Disk !!

Kumihimo Contest

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