How To Use The New Metal Punches

This beaded metal blank only took minutes to craft using my new metal punch pliers from John Bead.

Earlier this week I introduced you to the four new punches.

Each plier comes with an extra set of tips.  In my mind, it is these tips that make these punches so effective.  The angle on the cutting tip goes through metal as though it was paper.

All you do is hold the plier horizontally and with your hand pressure you will punch through the metal.

I have a metal punch from a competitor and I always had to apply a lot more pressure to make my hole.  It often bent my metal blank.  With these new pliers I had to remind myself NOT to apply as much force….the holes were made so easily.

Here are three metal blanks (24 ga) each sporting 5 holes: square, circular and oval.  I would not have even attempted this in the past since making holes is not my favorite chore. Now I won’t hesitate to make wired charms!

You may be wondering how I got some extra designs onto my metal blanks.   As an extra step, I also decided to experiment with a DecoEtch die available in retail stores on the market.

I applied a little black gilders paste to my etched designs so they would be more visible.

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