Instant Glam Bead Embroidery


When our Creative Director, Fernando DaSilva popped into a local beading store he met a designer wearing the most interesting necklace.  You can imagine how wonderful it would be for the designer of the hand crafted bezel to meet a beader who found a truly inspired way to work with in it.  Fernando designed all the Instant Glam bezels and they are perhaps the most interesting ones on the market for designers.


The beading designer is Peggy Thompson.  At first glace you might think all of these beads and crystals were glued into place.  Instead Peggy is sewing them to leather prior to inserting them into the bezel.

Peggy said  “The Instant Glam bezels are my most favourite bezels to use with my bead embroidery.  The bezel has a beautiful finish which adds to my design. The depth of the bezel is perfect for this technique.  In 2015 I found myself recovering at home from a long illness, this started my bead embroidery journey. Having no pattern to follow allowed me to spend many hours auditioning my Swarovski crystals to create my one of a kind jewelry.


Each bezel is truly a one of a kind.  We appreciate peggy sharing her work with us.

Instant Glam Tuscany

Peggy worked in the Tuscan drop bezel which is available in gunmetal and silver.  If you would like to see how other designers have used these special bezels we have a link here to a blog hop featuring Instant Glam.

If you are interested purchasing a finished peice or learning more about how to make one in a workshop Peggy can be reached by email:  [email protected]