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It is truly amazing what happens when you send the same items to a group of different designers.  For John Bead’s first blog hop I sent an Instant Glam bezel and matching Swarovski crystal rock applique to the artisans featured in this post.  I gave them the option to use both items or only one.  Here are some of the fabulous results.

This is group one of two.

Barbe Saint John

This necklace was created by Barbe Saint John.  Here is a little of what you will read in her blog post:  “I fell in love with this bezel when I opened the envelope. My creativity went into overdrive with different ways to incorporate resin and clay.    I decided I wanted to show how EASY it would be for anyone to make a gorgeous piece of jewelry. All you need are a bezel, matching crystal rock shape, accent piece, chain and E6000.”

Diane Cook

This piece is called Loves Hope.  Diane said:  “I love a good challenge. It truly always pushes me into a direction I would not take otherwise.”  Her blog post tells you more about her inspiration and the steps she took to create this necklace.

 Erin Prais-Hintz

“Remember this December, that love is worth more than gold.”  That is the quote and the sentiment behind the ornament designed by Erin Prais-Hintz“My husband and I have a tradition where we gift each other with one ornament in our stockings each Christmas. We don’t buy each other gifts so this is our way to do something special for each other.”

Margot Potter

Margot created the Copacabana Necklace Set“When I was invited to celebrate a brand new line of simply chic components designed by my fellow Swarovski Ambassador Fernando DaSilva I leaped at the opportunity. These bezels are stylish blank canvases you can fill with the pre-cut Crystal Rocks shapes or opt to iron the shapes on a porous surface and put something else in the bezel. And that is precisely what I did, because I like to color outside of the lines.”

Cyndi Lavin

Cyndi surprised her self with this tree ornament.  Her blog post walks you through her ideas.  In her words: “Instant Glam bezels are large and in charge! No joke.  These bezels, created by Fernando DaSilva and Metal Complex, will make your head spin with the possibilities.”

Suze Weinberg

Suze Weinberg outdid herself with this amazing finished necklace.  She did some amazing work in the bezel which she describes in her blog post“I’m not sure Carmi expected us to go to these lengths but I can never help myself !!!”

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