Instant Glam™ by Fernando Under Diane’s Wings

Diane Whiting, designer extraordinaire and former Create-Your-Style ambassador, releases a DIY jewelry making book packed with 25 inspirational projects.

Among all the beauty, Diane re-interpreted the function of one of my components from my Instant Glam™ by Fernando collection onto a magnetic and interchangeable focal element. 

Diane choose  the diamond shape bezel and crystal rocks to channel her design vision based on the functionality of the component itself.

It is fantastic to realize that a product line launched 2 years ago is still inspiring creative minds, and Diane for sure brings an unique approach through her design.  Instant Glam by Fernando was exclusively manufactured by John Bead Corporation for our house brand, Metal Complex.

This collection is still available and can be acquired in US through DreamTIme Creations, and in Canada through BeadFX.

Thanks, Diane.

Your piece has strong art deco elements and your avant-garde way of seeing it definitely makes a difference on how I myself interpret this collection.

With love,

Fernando DaSilva for John Bead Corporation & Metal Complex

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