Instant Glam – Never Too Young

This is the adorable Isabella Cramp from the TV series “The Neighbors.”  She won over Fernando DaSilva when she stopped by our booth at The Teen Choice Awards Gift Lounge last weekend.

Things began as they always did.  Isabella selected an Instant Glam Bezel and applique and while she made her pendant, Fernando started pulling out choices for her necklace.  Note that Isabella was very attracted to the very large Swarovski crystals that we had placed on the table for decoration.  She started making a tiny pile of them……

She loved the quattro bezel and chose the silver shade crystal rock applique.

When her bezel was done she was certain her necklace needed something extra.  She drew Fernando’s attention to her pile of crystals.

She was the only celebrity to get Fernando to come out from behind the booth so he could add a half dozen extra crystals to her necklace!  Notice how she is determined to get the necklace she really wants!  She is our favorite Instant Glam diva!

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