Instant Glam Quattro Bezel

The shape of this new Instant Glam Quattro bezel encouraged me to think of a totally different way to place an image.  I think it highlights the areas of the image I loved the most; the necklace, dress and arm.

In order to cut out my image to size, I made a photocopy of my bezel and then used that as a template.

I also added some rhinestone chain for embellishment.  When I was happy with the placement and the glue was dry I poured in Jewelry Resin.

I have several options for how to wear this bezel.  The attachments on the back are ideal for connecting and for dangles.

3 thoughts on “Instant Glam Quattro Bezel”

  1. I love the way you placed the image inside-its perfect!!! I really like these new bezels. They are large but not too heavy. They offer a lot of space to be creative whether its for doing resin, polymer clay or mosaic in. Gorgeous stuff!

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