Introducing Lovely Knots!

I am so pleased to be able to show you some of the spectacular new design work from Fernando DaSilva which features the ancient art of knotting cords.

Would you like to make this bracelet? 

You can by following instructions provided by Fernando in our newly released booklet entitled Lovely Knots – An Introduction to Chinese Knotting.

Fernando, the author writes “It was exciting an exciting endeavor to find out and learn about such unique and meaningful techniques based on an ancient folk art.  I hope you will join me on a fabulous adventure into the world of Chinese knotting.”

The booklet will help you to master many of the well known Chinese knots.  With a little practice, these knots can then be incorporated into jewelry like the pieces created by Fernando in the Gallery Section of the booklet.

Stunning isn’t it?

The special Lovely Knots cord collection is what makes these designs possible.  It is a special rat tail made of synthetic satin and its shiny texture gives the knots a feminine and delicate finish.  Our colour range is fantastic and Lovely Knots cord can be purchased on a reusable bobbin or on larger spools.

We’ll have many new samples to show you from Fernando.  For now, we hope you join us in learning more about Chinese Knotting!

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