Instant Glam Bezel, Wire and Jewelry Resin

Today’s necklace is a collaboration between myself and Nancy Donaldson.  Nancy is my “go-to” person when it comes to wire wrapping.  She just twists and turns wire and before you know it she has framed my pieces beautifully.  It really is a skill.  She taught a class at John Bead in the fall of 2012.

This Instant Glam bezel really doesn’t need embellishing.  You can see how Fernando Dasilva (Instant Glam Designer)  incorporated extra detailing on the edges.  We were really “gilding the lilly” with this new pendant ideaAnd really, can there ever be too much embellishment?

My job was to work inside the bezel.  I added this vintage postcard image, paint and rhinestone chain I purchased in the John Bead outlet.  When all my components were glued in place and dry I added in Jewelry Resin which created my glass like finish.

This really is glamorous!  When you start with a beautiful bezel, it really is hard to go wrong.  I felt like a princess wearing it yesterday and confess that I enjoyed all the compliments it received!

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