Kumihimo at Michaels

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  1. Stella says:

    I bought this circle kit a few weeks ago and was anxious to learnthe skill of this craft. I studied the directions of all the steps. but I am totally confused on the last step. it states to start the cycle with no 1 thread. but ends with the thread no. 31. which does not leave me a choice to start the cycle again with no 1. What am I missing. I have gone over the steps about 50 times. and still stumped on how to restart the cycle with no 1 if it ends with 31. Please help me. I am beyond frustrated. Help!

  2. Ella Moore says:

    I live in Rochester,NY we. Have 2 Michael
    S store and neither one carries kimihimo products I asked about it and they have no intentions to do so they said it was a passing trend

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