Liberace is at John Bead!

John Bead had a surprise addition to the Swarovski event agenda last week.  They commissioned William Hodge & Robert Wylie to create a very special beaded portrait for the Swarovski cafe.  It was ready to be revealed and guests at the Industry Night function were the first to see it.

William Hodge & Robert Wylie are extremely well known artisans and their company is called Amure StudiosThey let the audience know that thousands of Swarovski beads were needed to complete the portrait.

When the portrait was revealed the applause erupted!

My little camera does not even begin to do justice to the piece.

Liberace now has a place of honour in the Cafe.

The next time you visit John Bead you will have an opportunity to see it.  Step up close…the detail is extraordinary!

To see other portraits from Amure studios click on this link.

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