Lovely Knots Bracelet

Yesterday I launched the new Lovely Knots program for John Bead.  The ancient art of Chinese knotting has been beautifully explained in a new booklet (36 pages) written by Fernando DaSilva.

The book shows you how to create of the most popular knots; Double Connection Knot, Cross Knot, Pipa Knot, Button Knot, Double Button Knot, Sliding Button Knot, Double Coin Knot, Virtue Knot, Clover Leaf Knot and the Good Luck Knot.  All of these knots can be used to create featured embellishments in the jewelry you already make or they can stand alone.

 Fernando’s step by step instructions will teach you how to make the knots.  Then his gallery section will inspire you to use the knots creatively!  The picture of the bracelet I am featuring today shows you how Fernando used the Double Connection Knot to string and space his silver skulls and then he used a Button Knot for his closure.  He even managed to make a fabulous tassel with more cord!


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