Lovely Knots Necklace – Knots and Pearls!

This necklace by Fernando Dasilva is only one of several samples on page 35 of his book:  Lovely Knots – An Introduction to Chinese Knotting.  I thought you would enjoy seeing a little bit more of it.  It beautifully spotlights the single and double knot Fernando shows you how to make in the book.  The knots are spacers between crystal beads.  The cording is, of course, Lovely Knots.

The neon pearls are from Swarovski.



2 thoughts on “Lovely Knots Necklace – Knots and Pearls!”

  1. I tried to open LOVELY KNOTS IN FRENCH but I didn’t find the place for downloading it.
    I would like to obtain help about that please.

    Thank you

    Lisette Beauchesne

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