Metal Complex Classic Bezels and Jewelry Resin

This set of jewelry happily illustrates the new bezels that are in the Metal Complex family of products.

The classic series is a little less expensive because the bezels are stamped as opposed to hand made. This gives a new jewelry maker the opportunity to experiment with bezel projects without the fear of making the mistake in a more expensive piece.

I decided to line my bezel bracelet and a matching set of earrings with marble paper.  I loved the interesting lines and veins in this paper.

I also added some stickers. The bottoms of each bezel are not completely flat, so in order to pour Jewelery Resin into each bezel I placed my bracelet on a bed of stones.  This way my bezels would be level.

When my resin had set up for about an hour or two I then drizzled some beads into the bezels.  All I had to do now was wait for the resin to cure…48 hours.

I think these turned out great!  I can’t help but think of them as cheerful and colorful.  An ideal memento of summertime.

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