Metal Complex for Lady Gaga

Today I want to show you a different shape in the metal Complex Blank collection.

This is an oval copper washer.  I thought the shape was very unique.  This is a quote from a Lady Gaga song and I thought it would look great stamped onto the blank.  I sketched the idea on paper first.

This is my standard metal stamping set up.  My chasing hammer and alphabet stamp set was ready!

I was stamping/hammering away when I made an error.  Darn.  I hate to waste a blank! You can see the letter E is backwards.  That mistake can only be blamed on me.  The Metal Complex alphabet stamps have their name etched on the front of each letter stamp.  That means that I never have to guess if the letter is facing the right way as long as the etched title faces me.

After completely stamping the sentence my second oval blank was a little warped.  My plastic hammer tip flattened it again perfectly.

I think just lettering on the blanks shows you how powerful words can be in jewelery components.

I then used the metal hole punch to make two holes in my oval blank.

I used copper brads to attach the filigree to the back.

I am on the edge of glory – Lady Gaga.

Supplies Used

Copper Oval Metal Blank

Chasing hammer

Metal Alphabets and Decorative Punches

Hole Punch

Hammer with plastic replaceable tips

Bench block

Copper brads and copper filigree from Carmi’s personal collection.

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