Metal Complex Personalized Butterfly Sentiment

Yesterday I introduced you to the world of Metal Complex metal blanks, metal alphabet punches and tools.  Here is a little sample to get you started thinking about personalizing your own metal blanks.

Metal blanks come in all shapes and sizes in the Metal Complex line.  One of the first blanks I chose to work with is the 24g Brass Butterfly.

Lots of people have different tips on how to get your words or letters punched into the metal.  I like to just use a charcoal pencil or marker to make some spacing dots.  Others might use a a little masking tape to create a straight line.  I am a pretty good at eyeballing my lettering.

In order to impress a letter (there are several alphabet punch sets to choose from) into the metal you need a chasing hammer, which does all the work.  One strike with the hammer on the bench block and you get a very deep impression.  I choose the sentiment: ” I Will Always Love You.”

The metal hole punch made my holes for me.

See how it punches out the perfect little disk?

Then I set about colouring my butterflies.  This makes them my own.  First, I added lots of colour to the letter impressions with Iris Blue Gilders Paste.

Then I covered the butterfly (being careful not to go into the blue lettering) with Inca Gold Gilders Paste.

Then a final coat of Silver Gilders Paste.  Now I have a completely personalized set of butterflies.   I choose to make them a grouping on a necklace.  I have so many different ideas I want to try out though!

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