Metal Complex Stamps featured in Handcrafted Jewelry Magazine

Very exciting news about Metal Complex Stamps being featured in the Special Issue of Handcrafted Jewelry from the Editors of Beadwork. The issue is full of mix media projects and exciting techniques. The letter punch set is featured on page 8 as part of the “Found Objects”

In honor of this exciting news I wanted to give our readers some inspirations to play with the Metal Complex metal stamps and metal blanks   .

Washer inspirations ;

By Natureofart – I love how the font almost goes over the edge.

Suggested blank and font .;



Design by Kimberly- Great idea of putting a small circle into the washer

Suggested blank and font ;

2472402101-00h  – 14mm Round

 2472406104-00 – Washer-Round 31mm w/ 19mm Hole

UOM: 1
PKG Zipper
Modern Print Uppercase
  Metal Stamp Modern Print 2mm
Uppercase (A-Z) (&) 27pcs
UOM: 1
PKG Zipper
Modern Print Lowercase

  Metal Stamp Modern Print 2mm
Lowercase (a-z) (&) 27pcs

This idea uses washers in a way that doens’t require making any holes. Use rattail, leather or cotton cording and voila finished necklace !

I’ll be showing some more inspirational ideas next week. Stay tuned !

2 thoughts on “Metal Complex Stamps featured in Handcrafted Jewelry Magazine”

  1. I found you via the Handcrafted Jewelry magazine and have a couple questions that hopefully you can answer.

    1. I’m trying to determine what size the letters are for each stamp. I’m confused by various sizes I see listed for stamps (2 mm, 3 mm, 1/8″, 5/64″ …) Is there a “real-size” chart available anywhere where I can compare?

    2. I’m not seeing prices listed on the John Bead site.

    3. Are your products available in stores or only for online purchase?

    4. I’m in the states (MA) … does that make a difference?

    Thanks so much for any info you can provide!

  2. Hi Barbara,

    Thank you very much for your questions. We don’t have an actual to scale chart. But that is a great idea to get together. We will work on doing to scale examples of the letters.

    To answer your other questions;

    2. We are a wholesale company and therefore do not display our prices. If you register as an authorized customers and have a business that relates to the trade, then you are able to see all our pricing as a customer. If you do not qualify as a wholesale customer, there are many retailers that sell our products !

    3. Yes products are available at retail stores. you can visit and see the recommended retailers there; BeadFX & Rainbow Minerals. If you email [email protected] we can give you a more direct retailer that is closer to you.

    4. We ship to the states, that’s no problem at all.

    If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] !!

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