More fun ideas using Metal Complex Stamps and Blanks

Attention Everyone – Carmi will be returning to our blog as of next week ! We’ve all been missing her over here and are very excited to have her back creating beautiful jewelry and crafts with fun techniques and great inspirations !

In the meantime, I have some more designs to share using blanks. Very easy and look great !

The thing I love most about stamping is creating your own phrases and sayings. Everyone has words they live by or fun inside jokes with friends. I love the designs below because they really make you feel like they are personal and have that sentimental value.

Possible design components;

– Round Blanks – Copper , German Silver , Brass


Brass 30x26mm Brass 2 Hole 1.4mm

Item No. 2472408103-01
Description Metal Blank 24ga Brass
Jersey 30x26mm 2 Ring
Category 10  – Findings


Must have for stamping designs !!

Ever wonder what makes those letters really pop ! Black Gilder’s Paste ! No design is complete without adding black gilder’s paste into those stamped grooves and then quickly removing the excess.


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