New Beading Manual – Rings by Giovanna

We are excited to announce our latest publication:

“Rings by Giovanna”

This manual is the first of a series that will showcase projects featuring seed beads from Dazzle-it Collection.

For our debut issue, we commissioned bead weaving artist Giovanna Fiume to create a collection inspired by American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

Step by step instructions and photography will show you how to make this ring! 

This is a classic painting by American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.  It is a fabulous colour palette to draw from!

In this new manual you will find designs from Giovanna that truly inspire any seed bead lover to re-create her universe following her techniques.

When you flip the pages of this gorgeous step by step guide you will see for yourself how Czech seed beads can be fashionable, architectural and above all easy to wear.

2 thoughts on “New Beading Manual – Rings by Giovanna”

  1. I’m intressted for the rings from Giovanna, but I can’t find more information about the price. Can I downloadet it? Because I live in Germany.
    greetings from

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