New Lovely Knots Introduction To Chinese Knotting Booklet

This is my first Lovely Knots project.  It is a small one but I have been dying to use the new lovely knots cord as both a necklace and an accent in a summer lightweight wearable project.

Fernando DaSilva is the author and designer of all the pieces in John Beads new book.  This booklet (36 pages) is a fantastic introduction to the ancient art of Chinese knotting and has me thinking about different ways to add knots to my projects.

What I love about the book is how each knot’s construction is photographed.  The booklet instructions are clear and the font is big and easy to read!

These are the three knots I practiced this weekend.

The green Lovely Knots cord happens to be a favorite.

I used the cord for the necklace, I made my first “Cross Knot” and I added these pretty pewter end caps to finish my ends!

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