New Metal Complex Bezels!

This is a small example of the beautiful pendants you can create in a Classic Metal Complex Bezel.

There is a brand new group of Metal Complex Bezels at John Bead.  The original Metal Complex Bezels are hand made.  This new line is stamped and made from brass with a silver coating.  John Bead has had many requests for a less expensive line and this group is the result of customer input.

This is the stamped Metal Complex Bezel collection.

Since I planned to pour Jewelry Resin into this bezel I knew I would need to seal my paper.  I used mod-podge and sealed the paper three times allowing the glue to dry completely between applications.

Then I glued in a dried flower (one I picked and dried myself) over the paper back ground.  When the glue over the flower was dry and clear I poured in my resin and allowed my pendant to cure for 48 hours.  Simple and elegant!

I used the casted round pendant for my project.

Jewelry Resin is available at John Bead.

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