Nylon Mesh Tubing – Beads In and Out of Mesh

Here is a second variation using nylon mesh tubing from John Bead.

Yesterday I filled a nylon mesh tube with beads and used it as a simple necklace to showcase a big focal bead.  Today, I am showing you how easy it is to both fill and then use beads as spacers on the outside of the tube to create another finished look.

Keep in mind that I only have light aqua to work with….but you know I am going back for a few more colours now…..so you need to imagine this idea with your own favorite colour palette.

A tip I can share is that you need to cut a tube that is 3-4 inches longer than you will actually need.  This way as you fill the tube or pass beads over it, you’ll be able to cut the frayed edge as often as you like.

I love this silver spiral bead.  I only have four left so I was happy to find another special project for them.  The bead holes are just big enough to pass the wire mesh through.

I think you can see how I created this necklace.  13 beads went into the mesh and then one pretty bead went on the outside 13 more inside and on you go. This type of beading would be a great introduction for someone wanting to learn how to make their own jewelry.  You can make something very pretty very quickly!

Check out all the mesh colour choices online here.

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