Nylon Mesh Tubing

It is so wonderful to be back blogging for John Bead!  Happy New Year!

In December I popped in for one last meeting to plan our January posts.  Look at how many new products and samples I came home with!

If you ever get a chance to shop at the John Bead Warehouse in person you’ll end up meandering down rows and rows.  I day-dream and get side tracked by so many possibilities.  There are 60,000 items to choose from!  On one such walk I came across all the nylon wire mesh boxes.  There are 17 luscious colours to pick from.  I picked up a pack and then put it back.   What would I do with the mesh?  I had no idea…all I knew was that I wanted it. Finally, Lilla from John Bead asked me to work with it so I had a very good reason to select my favorite colour:  Light Aqua!

It is super easy to work with!  I decided to make my first sample by filling the mesh with inexpensive (plastic) beads.  I needed to close one end to start so I used a silver clamp.

Then I dropped in my beads.

A beaded necklace in seconds!

I hand sew these large felted beads so having a thicker necklace to showcase them on it just fantastic.  I can colour coordinate my projects now!

Nylon Mesh tubing is a unique jewelry component.  I have lots of experiments planned for it!  Check out all your colour options at John Bead!

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  1. Dear Sirs,
    I need about 60 metres of Black tubing and 30 metres of brownish tubing approx 18mm wide. Could you give me some prices please?
    Thank you

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