Our New Booklet – It’s Soutache!

It’s Soutache! Is the latest adventure of Fernando DaSilva on his mission to bridge the DIY segment and fashionable designs for the creative-minded.  Fernando is our Product Development and Creative Manager.

“I saw soutache for the first time on the pages of Italian Vogue and months later in person at jewelry stores located on the famous Ponte Vecchio, in Florence.  This booklet is an introduction to the art of passementerie using soutache trim.  The projects represent a fresh interpretation of this ancient technique tailor to an amateur, who just like myself, wants to expand their DIY universe.”

“It’s Soutache! Will introduce clever applications of these fantastic trims to create equally trendy and one-of-a-kind designs.  It’s Soutache! Mixes the traditional ancient technique with modern and trendy applications that exudes freshness.  Turn the pages and let the beauty of Soutache capture your heart.”

“In the do-it-yourself market, the jewelry-making segment is heavily influenced by the past, pop culture and looks from the catwalk.  For the last decade, DIY has been the most important tool to create unique fashion and to express people’s personalities.  That being said, the materials used with different techniques are the essence for crafters and hobbyists to reach uniqueness.”

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