Pink Shamballa!

Now I am getting somewhere!  The shamballa bracelets are starting to make themselves now!

For this bracelet I used the Dazzle-It strawberry pink rattail 1.5mm and pink 1mm cotton wax cordI needed the thinner wax cord so it would be easier to string my fabulous rhinestone beads.

The silver crystal beads have quite a few openings, so while I could use a thicker cord, 1mm was the easiest to work with.

The choice to work in pink was my own.  Spring is here and I need a brighter bracelet to wear!  There are so many colours in the rattail line though!

I have been teaching myself these knotting techniques.  I have learned that a clipboard is really helpful.   It is your third hand.

I can almost say I have mastered the square knot.  Every now and then I forget what I am doing and I have to unravel my knots.  Rattail is forgiving.

I even tried a special technique of adding these knots to my bracelet as a sliding closure.  Success!

To finish my cord ends I have been using a little flame from my lighter.  It makes the ends look finished.

A few people have been asking where they can learn about knotting techniques.  The book that has really taught me the most is this one. If you go online though, many crafty folks have made Youtube videos and “how to” blog posts.

This UK magazine is wonderful.  This month’s issue came with a special extra techniques booklet also chock-full of knotting ideas!

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  1. How do you do the sq not to end it to make itlook so nice. I like the way you can adjust the length of the bracelet.

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