Pretty Glass Bead Collections

This pressed glass bead collection is easy to string.  No matter how you select your beads the finished strand is gorgeous.

I can use this bag to create several different projects.

This new choker is a very pretty way to showcase my stamped Metal Complex blank.



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2 Responses to Pretty Glass Bead Collections

  1. Celina Westhoven says:

    I’ve tried to order these before – but they are listed as “special order” and I have been unable to get my order filled. What are the requirements for “special order” on these job lot packages?

    There are a number of these beads that interest me, and I find it frustrating that they are listed on your website and we cannot order them. I would need 1 package of a number of different items.

    I’d really appreciate knowing what I could do to successfully order them.

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