Rainbow Kumihimo Bracelet

This kumihimo bracelet was inspired by something similar I viewed on Facebook last week.  It reminded me that the rainbow rattail is the ideal cord to use for beginner projects.  You achieve the look of a complex pattern with virtually no work.

We have the rainbow rattail available on spools and bobbins.  There is also a bright rainbow and a pastel colour version.  Sizes range from 1mm to 3mm.  I am using the 2mm for this project.

The rainbow colours makes the most beautiful braid!  This is the standard 8-strand braid you see in our instruction booklet that comes with your kumihimo disk.

Before I glued in my end caps, I added one of our new butterfly pendant bails.  It made adding my dangles easy and the bail itself is just beautiful on its own.

Here is a closer look at the bail.

The semi-precious skull beads have always been a colourful addition to anything I add them to.


John Bead also has a chain tassel group that I selected my dangle from.