Rattail and Hemp Kumihimo!

This turtle pendant has finally become wearable!  He has been in my collection for years and I have struggled to come up with an interesting necklace so he could be worn.

Kumihimo to the rescue!  In my last post I mentioned that I only have four rattail spools to choose from.  🙁   My colour choices are silver, blue, green and black. So I wondered. Could I use some of the hemp cord I already have in my collection?

The new kumihimo disks have rattail included.  I think it is a brilliant and inexpensive way to give this craft a trial.  If you end up loving it…you’ll be buying the big spools of rattail at John Bead!

When I did my original colour matching I thought these two colours would be great with the pendant.

But with the addition of the hemp, I had one extra colour that made my finished cord a much better match.

I hope you can see how beautifully the hemp worked.  It is much stiffer than rattail, so I was careful to watch the knotting so all the areas were even.

By the way, the instruction you get in the kits is fantastic…it is all I needed to start learning this ancient art form.  Tomorrow I am at John Bead.  I’ll take a picture of my shopping cart for you…you just know I am getting all the rattail my little hands can grab!

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