Sewn Seed Bead Bracelet Project PDF from Preciosa Ornela

Project PDF is here:  Budding-of-spring

Preciosa Ornela presents an original wide bracelet sewn using seed beads and beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech BeadsTM brand. The selection of the PRECIOSA seed beads and the bead colors evoke the magic of awakening nature contrasted by the refined light pastels of sprouting flowers and fresh leaves struggling through hard-skinned buds or a hardened crust of dried clay.

We recommend the following colors: light grey, light pale blue, light lemon yellow, pale brown-green, green banana, olive brown, blue opal and light vitrail. The peyote stitch, which is one of the relatively simple, but highly effective seed bead sewing techniques, gives the bracelet the appearance of fabric. The correct tightening of the thread and the careful and error-free sewing of the seed beads into the gaps in the individual rows are important here.