Signature Cuff with Suede

I have mentioned before that a brass cuff is just a blank canvas to anyone creative.

This cuff was easy to craft.  To start I gathered my main items; cuff, gray ultra suede, Quick Grip glue and some embellishments.

The filigree connectors can be used in many ways.  I added a little glue to their backs to secure them in place.  The SWAROVSKI Crystal Rock circle could be ironed on, but I chose to glue it in place as well.

When my glue was dry I took the extra step to also sew my connectors in place.  I pre-poked holes through the ultra suede to make this easier.

My Dazzle-it needles and silk thread were ideal for my sewing task.

 I then added some Preciosa crystal flat backs for extra glitter.

I then glued my ultra suede cuff to my metal cuff.  The added stitches will ensure my connectors do not pop off on the curved edges.

Later, I wire-wrapped a vintage brooch to my cuff.  Options are endless!

The current issue of Perles et cetera magazine has another cuff Idea I designed featuring feathers and a button.

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