Step by Step Instructions for Rhombus Harlequin Earrings

Designed by Debra Schwartz for John Bead

Project PDF:  Harlequin Earrings – Step by Step


Basic bead weaving knowledge, Right Angle Weave (RAW)

The Harlequin Earrings are the second of two project PDFS we released this month by Debra Schwartz.  It features our own bead; The Rhombus bead which was designed for us by Lena Gillespie.

Product Links:

White, Silver and Pink color wave is here.

Black and White color wave is here.

Tools and findings are here.

All tools, findings, and both color waves are linked here.



The Harlequin Bracelet is first project that we released and you can read all about it here.




Beading Etiquette:

Although this is a free pattern, please be kind and give credit to the designer when you share a photo of the item you made with this pattern online or when you sell the item.

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