Swarovski Around The World Trip to the Grand Canyon Necklace

This month, Swarovski is celebrating the Grand Canyon and its majestic beauty.  Our designer Lena Gillespie visited this sacred place and was clearly inspired.  We asked her for an interpretation on this months Crystals Around The World location and se submitted this necklace.    By the way, if you are wondering about the metal findings, this is what Lena does wen I give her a sample bag from @TierraCast.  Nothing is ever wasted.

What Lena thinks about her Crystals Around The World Grand Canyon necklace featuring Swarovski Bicones, TierraCast end caps and leather cord:

“I am totally in love with this piece…its been forming in my head ever since you handed me a bag of samples of TierraCast End Caps.. they are so beautiful but I only had one of each style and shape…but they remind me of southwest cowbells….and worked perfectly in this piece. I’m totally over the moon with this piece and will be creating one for me.”

The John Bead products Lena used to make her necklace are linked here.

The Earth’s history is truly like no other. Over millions and millions of years this land has formed and then reformed to reveal what we all know as the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA at dawn from the south rim.

The colorful stratified layers of rock composing the sides of the Grand Canyon change over the course of the day as the sun moves and the light transforms one scene into another leaving us with a view that takes your breath away. These textures and colors provided a boundless source of inspiration that inspired these pieces.

The project PDFs from Swarovski to make earrings and a leather bracelet are right here:  Grand Canyon Earrings and Bracelet projects


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