Kumihimo and Aluminum Chain

This kumihimo necklace features the addition of our new lightweight aluminum chain.

The braid is a unique one.

It features white rattail, hemp and a beaded string found in a fabric store.

I made my braid using the classic 8-strand directions which you can see on the video I posted here.

Once my braid was done I finished it with a glue-on silver endcap.  Then I gathered a few more supplies which included the cut link silver chain, a finishing clasp, jump rings and pliers to open them.

The simple task of joining the chain to the kumihimo was straightforward.  To start, I added one jump ring, to link the chain to the endcap.

Then I added jump rings attaching the chain to one strand of the kumihimo braid.

You can see in the picture that I always attached the jumpring to the mauve hemp cord.

I was careful to untwist the chain and work with my braid flat to my worktable.  The chain adds sparkle! This was a simple way to make my kumihimo braid more interesting.


Kumihimo Necklace with Aluminum Chain

This choker features the classic 8-strand kumihimo braid with the addition of some gold glamour.

Several readers have reported a difficulty finding rattail kumihimo cord.  This necklace will remind you that you can use other types of stringing material to make a unique kumihimo braid in your Dazzle-it disk.

You can see here that I used traditional rattail but also added cotton wax cord and a gold specialty braid found in the ribbon department of my local craft store.

When the braid was complete I added the end caps and then my lightweight aluminum chain.

The new aluminum chain in the catalog is available in several sizes and colours.


Kumihimo braids will always look different if you add in fibers that are unexpected.

End caps can be purchased in various sizes.  The largest one finished this necklace beautifully.


Chain Necklace by Thanh Tran

This exquisite necklace by Thanh Tran brilliantly showcases our new aluminum chain in a high end designer sample.

The chain is available in seven sizes and in ten colours.  Thanh choose the gold family including the new cut chain available in gold and silver.

 She wove soft goat suede through the cut chain and finished it with a sweet bow.

Aluminum chain.  Not just for costumes.