Dazzle-it Aluminum Wire With Nancy

The simplicity of these suspended Fire and Ice Agate beads is achieved if you enjoy manipulating aluminum wire like Nancy Donaldson does.

Nancy is well known for her ability to create free form shapes with wire.  She is using our soft 12 and 18 gauge copper wire.

All I did was add some Dazzle-it Antique Copper Fancy Chain to complete the necklace.

This is the Fancy Chain.

A closer look at the Fire and Ice Agate beads.


Wire Wrapped Butterfly

This wire wrapped butterfly from Nancy Donaldson is a wonderful showcase for our Dazzle-it aluminum wire collection.

Aluminum wire is soft and quite inexpensive.  This allows the new wire wrapper the opportunity to work on designs without the fear of ruining expensive wire.  Nancy loves how soft these wires are and rarely uses a tool to create her finished pieces.

This Fire and Ice Agate Oval Dyed Blue Sky bead is a marvelous focal bead for the butterfly.

This can now be worn as a pendant, incorporated into another project or used as an ornament.

Kumihimo and Aluminum Wire Pendants

Todays blog post shares a new kumihimo braid I created to showcase a special wire wrapping pendant.

With a Dazzle-it kumihimo disk, you can create braids with so many different cords and fibers.  My braid today features rattail, beads and wool.

I needed a special braid to showcase this unique pendant Nancy Donaldson created with our aluminum wire.

Aluminum wire is soft and Nancy finds it very easy to manipulate.

Our fish features a gorgeous fire and ice oval semi-precious bead.

This is the Fire and Ice Agate Oval, dyed black.  The complete colour collection is linked here.

Owl Be There!

I could not resist a fun title for this post.  My friend Nancy Donaldson twists wire like it was a pen on paper.  She has so much fun with our aluminum wire that I always think I can make something similar…and quickly discover I am not a wire worker at all.

The combination of both our 12 and 18 ga aluminum wire brings this owl to life.

Aluminum wire is inexpensive and available in so many colours.  You don’t have to get too stressed if you are simply experimenting with design ideas.

I wanted my owl to have a little extra colour.  I added a copper end cap to this gorgeous Dazzle-it feather.

These end caps make everything an instant dangle.

My last step was to select some beads to showcase my new owl pendant.

These mixed 4mm Czech Fire Polished bead strands were the perfect accent.

Aluminum Wire and Turquoise Horse Pendant

Some days I feel like my aluminum wire collection needs spotlighting.  This is easy to accomplish if you have a friend like Nancy who is a wire working genius.  All I have to say is “wouldn’t it be great to make a horse out of wire for our friend…..” and I know I am going to get one!

Here is my perfect horse silhouette within moments of the suggestion.  Nancy just twists the wire with ease.  She always thinks of the perfect place to make a dangle too!

Aluminum wire is inexpensive, so you never have to worry about making a mistake or even just experimenting.

The addition of the Dazzle-it  turquoise 8mm beads was my suggestion/contribution!

Aren’t they beautiful?

This antique copper chain did not need any embellishing from me.  It is gorgeous!


Aluminum Wire Twist

This wonderful piece is another example of what happens when you give Nancy Donaldson some Dazzle-it aluminum wire and a finished charm.  Nancy twisted the main shape with 12 guage copper wire.  Then, with the thinner 18 gauge wire she added the acrylic stone washed beads.

Nancy is teaching a special class at John Bead this month called “The Christmas Tree Pin.”  If you want to learn to twist and bead with wire consider attending the workshop.

Goat Suede and Dazzle-It Aluminum Wire

The  goat suede at John Bead has me thinking of ways to incorporate this soft stringing material into my designs.

These two goat suede colours were perfect to highlight the glass bead in this aluminum wire pendant designed by Nancy Donaldson.


I cut a point on my leather pieces so they would be easy to thread through the little hole on each side of the pendant.

The patterned pewter end caps by JBB, were ideal to finish my ends before adding the hook and loop clasp.  I love these hooks.  I chose not to add the matching clasp so I could show off a little more of the suede.

I can’t believe how quick this bracelet came together!